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620014, RUSSIA, Ekaterinburg, Malisheva 44, 8 flor
+7 (343) 377-67-89, +7 (922) 10-41-007


Yekaterinburg is an amazing city! There a lot of different events happen every day, and it's a city where active and caring people live. We created ETV in order our citizens to receive objective and diverse range of opinions about events happening in the city.

ETV is a reflection of the city in the TV and online space. The synthesis of two types of media allows conveying content in the most convenient form for the audience. For the first time in Yekaterinburg, and, perhaps, for the first time outside Moscow, we construct a television channel, the audience directly affects the content of the ether. This contributes to a unified platform of ETV: the channel broadcasts in cable networks of the city and on the Internet simultaneously. The audience can be constantly in the mode of direct connection to personally participation in discussion of the problems discussed in the ether. We erased boundaries between producer and consumer of content.

ETV knows and tells about what is happening in Yekaterinburg in the most deployed, comprehensive and objective way, describing the problem as applied to a resident of the city. We hear every suggestion and consider different points of view to provide a complete and unbiased picture of what is happening. New TV channel of Ekaterinburg is already more than just a distributor of news! ETV is a place where the civil society of the megacity formulates its own attitude to development of Ekaterinburg.

ETV is becoming a center of social activity. This is the first city channel, which creates full-fledged information portrait of Yekaterinburg.


Savenkova Elena, Program Director


Our office
Neglinnaya str. 15, Moscow, RF, 127051

Mailing address
49 off., 15, Neglinnaya str., bld. 1, Moscow, 127051, Russia.

Tel.: +7 495 651 08 34
Fax: +7 495 651 08 35