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LRT, OOO (Lyubertsy district TV)

140002, Russia, Moscow region, city of Lyubertsy, Oktyabrsky PR-t, D. 123A
+7 (498) 642-19-50
+7 (498) 642-19-50


Lyubertsy regional television was established in October 2006. Today, the broadcast channel - Lyubertsy, Kraskovo, Malakhovka and October. Today it is the only regional TV station with round-the-clock broadcasting.
The audience of the channel is more than 170 thousand people. Currently LRT focuses on the active viewer interested in the life of their city and region. Our programs cover all areas of life Lyubertsy district: news local authorities and information about emergencies, events, education and health care, cultural activities and youth events.
On our channel You can see the daily news releases, various authoring programs, topical interviews and participate in live. The subjects of our stories, events, achievements and problems Lyubertsy district. A hero can be anyone people who have achieved success in one area or another, addressed to the editor of a problem or just shared with us an interesting story. Visitors to our Studio competent people who are ready to answer your questions.
LRT equipped with all necessary equipment to create high-quality television production and broadcasting. The channel is actively evolving, creating new programs and projects. The main landmark in the development are the interests of the viewer.


Our office
Neglinnaya str. 15, Moscow, RF, 127051

Mailing address
49 off., 15, Neglinnaya str., bld. 1, Moscow, 127051, Russia.

Tel.: +7 495 651 08 34
Fax: +7 495 651 08 35